Cramim Hotel, JM Hills

Winner of the israeli landscape design award, 2014

Nestled in the scenic Jerusalem hills, an exclusive spa hotel is built at Kibbutz Kiryat Anavim with the original kibbutz hotel structure forming the basis of the new complex. Our goal for this redesign was to highlight and enhance the visitor’s experience of the surrounding panoramas. A series of gardens and plazas face this view and draw it inward to the internal hotel space.
The steep topography on the front-facing side of the hotel presents challenges of functionality and access.The redesign of the hotel gardens must address the topographical differentials and transform this liability into an advantageous enhancement of the space. The hotel’s garden spaces consist of a combination of defined and manicured spaces and densely planted grove areas, mirroring the area’s natural Mediterranean forest vegetation.

Chief architects: Dorona Yogev, Erez Vinik
Client: Ellah engineering
Architecture: Melzer Igra Cohen Architects.
Photos: Itay Sikolski, Liran Malka
Completed, 2013