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We are on a constant search – for what makes a difference, for that principle that might guide our intervention. We always start from the site, in its broad context, both physical and cultural, keeping in mind the nature of the intervention required. We doubt preconceptions. We aim to challenge the seemingly obvious givens of a project. Looking from a broader, unconventional perspective might give the best ideas.

Our intervention has to be simple. It is derived from complexity, but strives for accuracy and minimization. The main endeavor is not necessarily apparent, but it generates significant changes – in circulation patterns, angles of perspective, and connections between spaces or reclamation of a damaged area. This formative expression gives respect to what already exists, yet also offers a new, fresh interpretation which reflects the spirit of our time.

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our clients

  • Azrieli Group
  • Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights
  • Dan Hotels
  • Dead Sea Drainage Authority
  • Ella Engineering
  • Ephraim Rogovin Ltd.
  • Elad Israel
  • Holon Municipal Development Corp. Ltd.
  • Gulf Building Enterprises
  • Golan Residents Committee
  • IEC International
  • IPA
  • Israel Government Tourist Corporation
  • Izaki Group Investments
  • Israel Canada
  • Israel Nature and Parks Authority
  • Israel Land Authority
  • Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Issta hotels
  • Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  • Keren Yosef
  • Keren Kayemet LeIsrael - Jewish National Fund
  • Migdal Group
  • Ministry of Construction and Housing
  • Ministry of Education
  • Municipality of Ashkelon
  • Municipality of Beer Sheva
  • Municipality of Beit Shemesh
  • Municipality of Eilat
  • Municipality of Herzliya
  • Municipality of Holon
  • Municipality of Kiryat Ono
  • Municipality of Yehud-Monosson
  • Municipality of Modi'in
  • Municipality of Petah Tikva
  • Municipality of Rehovot
  • Municipality of Tiberias
  • Municipality of Rishon LeZiyon
  • Municipality of Tel Aviv- Yaffo
  • Nesher energy
  • North Hayarkon Tel Aviv Ltd.
  • Ran Federman
  • Sufrin Group
  • The Jerusalem Development Authority
  • The Caesarea Assets Corporation
  • The Eilat Economic Co.
  • Economical Company of Rishon LeZiyon Ltd.
  • Tidhar Building Credibility
  • Z.M.H Hammerman Ltd