Bezalel Market Sq., Tel Aviv

The old parking lot in the heart of the Bezalel Shuk (Open-Air Market) represented a disconnect, severing the market from the neighboring streets and creating an urban space for the sole benefit of cars. The space is expected to change both conceptually and functionally with the completion of a new housing compound on the site, one that will integrate commercial shops and child care centers on ground level, as well as an open square in its center.
The square will encompass a “space for wandering”, connecting the movement of residents and passers-by who come to enjoy and to shop – a space for both repose and recreation. Unique furniture, a “mega-bench”, will invite people to participate in a variety of leisure activities, with different functional areas delimited within the space.

Chief architect: Dorona Yogev, Rhiri Yarkoni
Client: ZHG Group
Architecture: Yashar Architects